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We’re proud to announce the updated version of our Pro-Flex, now called Pro-Flex Pivot.

From Pro-Flex to Pro-Flex Pivot

When Pro-Flex was launched in 2016, this was the beginning of a new family within high-end prosthetic feet, focused on the optimal functional outcome to match the individual user needs. Over the years, the family has expanded with the Pro-Flex XC and Pro-Flex LP and with the addition of a torsion version of those two feet. Just recently we’ve added Pro-Flex LP Align to this family, offering users the possibility to wear different kind of shoe wear or to walk barefoot, while maintaining the correct alignment.

In order to differentiate, the former called Pro-Flex will now be called Pro-Flex Pivot.

Pivot technology

Due to the pivot technology, Pro-Flex Pivot offers users an increased ankle motion, which results in a more physiological gait and reduced walking effort. The increased ankle power due to this technology and the full effective foot length result in a smooth and more symmetrical gait. Combined with the anatomically shaped foot cover, the Pro-Flex Pivot offers more physiological plantar pressure during roll-over, leading to a more natural pressure distribution. All in all resulting in more sound side protection.

More information can be found here.